The Anatomy of a VelvetCrate

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“Taking the guesswork out of gift-giving”—that’s what we promised in 2014 when we launched the first creative and custom curated gift business in the biz. 

Did you know you can build your own? 

This fall, clients can tailor their gifts to the recipient with their interests in mind. We set a precedent early on for each collection, with a variety of gifts touching on four main areas: stationery or fine paper goods, artisanal treats, luxurious scented items, and useful/fun items.

With those themes in mind, they maintain the VelvetCrate shop with a manageable number of items (too many choices can add the guesswork back in!). This in turn allows gift-givers the chance build their own and still achieve the VelvetCrate panache! 

Check out these American-made items to go into your own VelvetCrate this fall.

Early Bird Kiss My Oats Granola – Checking the artisanal food box, this yummy blend of oats, and 100% real maple syrup almost reminds us of fall morning breakfast. For your food conscious friend, this Brooklyn-made granola is a treat by the spoonful or the bowlful.  

Illume Copper Rose hand cream - This lavishly scented hand cream is ideal for someone who enjoys the finer things. Made from coconut, jojoba oil, and mango butter (among other ingredients), this rich blend will leave hands feeling soft and beautiful.

Sideshow Press Message Pencils – For the one who loves to write notes. This set of five playful pencils will brighten up any desk. Sayings such as, “Happy Campers,” “What’s yet to be Discovered,” “Doing Good Deeds,” there will be a pencil for every occasion.

Rifle Paper Co. Lively Floral Set – Speaking of handwritten notes, the husband-wife team of Rifle Paper Co. know just how to make the perfect notecard. The Lively Floral Set offered at VelvetCrate is a creative mix of feminine and masculine floral patterns. Blank inside, one of the cards can easily make its way back to you as a Thank You!  - Katy Ibsen

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Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day

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Ahhh, Saint Valentine’s Day. That mid-February reminder that you should tell your significant other how much you love them. Chances are you’ve missed the mark at least once, so here is VelvetCrate’s fail-proof guide to the Dos and Don’ts for a perfect Valentine’s Day to amaze the love of your life.

DON’T ignore Valentine’s Day. If you do nothing else, craft a beautiful note telling them how much they mean to you—it’s not nothing, and likely it’s more meaningful than anything one can buy.

DO make your own Valentine. Surprise your love with a handmade Valentine’s Day card. Maybe you use watercolors, a heart-shaped stamp, or your kids’ crayons. Regardless of the artistic ability, the fact that you made your own card, will make it one to treasure.  

DON’T buy an average box of chocolates. Chocolates are always wise choice, but make sure it’s a box that’s worth savoring. Find a candy shop or chocolatier in your area that make mouths water.

DO remember Fido and Puss. Speak for the voiceless! If your loved one has a pet they couldn’t live without, find a clever way to incorporate them into Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s a big red bow, or a love note with a paw print; whatever you decide, your S.O. will swoon.

DON’T make a reservation. Nothing says I love you like a home cooked meal—especially if it’s unexpected.

DO send flowers, just not roses. Pick a flower that reminds you of your love together. Maybe it’s an exotic bloom or a potted succulent; plenty of flowers on this earth can be symbolic of love.

DON’T give a pricey gift. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it shows how much you love them. Originality can mean more than price tags.

DO send them a “Love” VelvetCrate. This unexpected crate will surprise them with a blend of hand-picked gifts that illustrate love. Included is the “Love Potion Candle” by Brooklyn Candle Co., of which 10% of all candle sales go to the ACLU; a colorful floral notepad from Rifle Paper Co.; and Sugarfina Sugar LIps. Trust us, this crate will keep the spark of V-Day burning long after February 14. 

Most importantly, don’t stop at Valentine’s Day, remember to celebrate love every day of the year with three simple words, “I love you!”

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Meet McCrea's Candies

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The story behind McCrea's Candies and why VelvetCrate loves their caramels.

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