Key to Happiness: Keep a One-Sentence Journal

Posted on July 09, 2015 by Allison Loftus | 0 Comments

"Ever since I can remember, my grandma has kept a daily journal. Not a “Dear Diary,” emotion-filled journal — just a couple of lines jotting down what she did that day and whom she was with. Often, when the family is together, she’ll dig out one of her old journals and tell us what she and various other family members were doing on a random day, in, say, 1994. I've always been amazed at how interesting these little moments are in retrospect." - Melissa Dahl writes in The Science of Us section of in New York Magazine

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The lazy days of summer make for a good time to start reflecting:

"Putting pen to paper might seem old-school, but journaling your accomplishments —both big and small — can work wonders for your self-worth," says motivation expert Heidi Grant Halvorson in Dr. Oz's magazine, The Good Life.

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