The Best Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Her

Posted on January 25, 2015 by Allison Loftus | 0 Comments

In 1995, Gary Chapman wrote the first edition of his best-selling self-help book "The Five Love Languages” and couples are still referring to it. A love language of many women is love affirmation through the receiving of gifts. They can range from small and handmade to sparkly and expensive, but most importantly, something practical that they will actually use and appreciate.

VelvetCrate is the perfect gift to send to her for Valentine's Day. If you love someone who feels loved and appreciated when she receives gifts (or flowers), then it’s crucial to consistently make her feel loved and appreciated through frequent gift-giving. These gifts need not be expensive but they should be frequent.

A VelvetCrate saves you time in selecting chic, fun, and luxurious gifts and provides you with reassurance that she'll love them. Whenever you send a gift, whatever that gift may be, it's always the thought that counts. We have thoughtfully curated from trending brands while our gifts remain tried-and-true items that women of all ages love, making it easy for you to make an impression. 



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