Rescuing after a Hurricane

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We at VelvetCrate care deeply about those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma; to so quickly have your life turned upside down is unimaginable. At this time we can only attempt to fathom the chaotic aftermath experienced by all—especially the voiceless animals without their families … without a home.


We adopted Tex in 2008 when he was about 2 years old. He had been a dog that had essentially been passed around through a few fosters/owners during his first few years of life. 

Tex the CatahoulaTex is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog (“Catahoula”). According to our unofficial research, they are the only dog native to the United States and were used by Southern Indian tribes as hunting dogs for alligator. This of course makes me laugh considering the meek demeanor of my dog—granted I’ve never put him face-to-face with a gator, so who knows? They are the state dog of Louisiana, and quite a few were displaced from Hurricane Katrina to shelters in Houston and Waco. We can trace Tex’s origins to Waco, and have come to the conclusion in our minds that his mom was a Katrina rescue dog. The timing is just all there! Flash forward a few years and now I can’t imagine our lives without our rescue. He definitely has his weird quirks and we can’t attest to where they came from, but he is the most fiercely loyal, lovable dog. Now, everyone in my family have at least one rescue dog. We’ve all adopted the motto “Adopt Don’t Shop.”

Fortunately, Tex had the opportunity to thrive after that, and it is our hope that many more animals will, following the recovery efforts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


So how can we help?

Regardless of where your home is, you can support the animal rescue efforts by donating to the ASPCA; 100 percent of donations go toward the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Fund, which at this time is supporting efforts in Texas and in Florida

You can also consider donating directly to local organizations, such as the Houston SPCA, who are working fiercely to rehome stray animals separated from their families. As for shelter pets still seeking their furever homes, contact your local shelter to see if they are transferring in any animals from the affected areas, and how you can donate or volunteer.

In a time like this, every effort helps. As we’ve seen firsthand, it did for Tex. We hope you’ll join us in making a donation in the name of pets everywhere. - Katy Ibsen


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